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Card Labs Services

Card Labs provides product design and manufacturing services to provide companies with custom products private labeled with their own company name. 

Our strength is embedded system design and products incorporating microcontrollers.  We have expertise in many areas enabling us to provide complete electronic product design solutions.  Customers can draw upon our experience in analog and digital electronics, embedded software, network communications, engineering systems, and manufacturing.  

Card Labs design services and engineering support are available as needed for companies without in-house design capabilities and for engineering departments requiring additional short-term resources. 


Custom Product Development and Manufacturing

Electronic and Microcontroller Based Product Design

System Design

Project Management

Embedded Programming

Smart Card Development and System Design

Analog & Telephone Electronics

Serial and Radio Protocol Development

Schematic Drawing and PCB Layout

Basic Mechanical Design

Engineering Systems Implementation

Technical Documentation


Card Labs provides design and manufacturing services to…

  • Sales and marketing driven companies that do not require full time design staff.

  • New companies that require product development, creative design ideas, concept development, technical advice, manufacturing, and project management experience to bring new products to market.

  • Companies with internal engineering services that require additional resources.



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