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Internet Battery Charger

Card Labs developed the Rabiit 2000 firmware for this battery charger for wearable personal computers. It extracts data files from the computers via an IR transceiver as they are charged.  The data files are uploaded to various servers via FTP and TCP/IP.

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Laundry Smart Card System

This smart card payment system was designed, manufactured, and installed in an apartment building for a 6 month field trial.  The system was very well received by the tenants who preferred it to using coins.  A Nortel Touch Screen payphone was modified for use as a web based add-value terminal.


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The laundry smart card reader was based on a Rabbit RCM2100 module which provided the user interface and collected collected transaction information.  A 2x16 VFD display showed usage instructions and the smart card balance.  Transaction information was uploaded to a central accounting server using XML over a TCP/IP connection.

Smart Card Add-Value Kiosk

Insert Your Boardwalk Smart Card into the Kiosk

A Nortel Internet Payphone Kiosk was modified for use as a smart card add-value terminal for the laundry smart card system.  The kiosk was located in the lobby and was also used as the a building directory.  The telephone on the kiosk was used to call tenants or the building customer service office.

An interface board containing a USB smart card reader, audio circuitry, and a telephone dialer was built to replace the proprietary payphone interface board.  An Atmel AVR microcontroller was used for the interface board.

Nursery Number Display

The Nursery Number Display has is large 3 digit LED display used to summon parents from a remote room.  The nursery workers enter the number on a wall mount terminal.  A RS485 data link connects the terminal to the number display.



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